Why using our car wash is the right decision from an environmental perspective?

We are a highly regulated industry and we must comply with strict regulations about water usage and waste.

Water use volume

Simply put, a high-pressure wand or automatic car wash is more efficient and studies show it consistently uses far less water than doing it at home. For example…a typical garden-hose wash uses 50 litres of water per minute. Island Auto Spa self service wands use only 11 litres in that same minute.

Contaminants stay out of our waterways

Street runoff goes directly to our waterways including the detergents you use and the dirt and contaminants washed off your car. These adversely affect the quality of our waterways and aquatic life.

All runoff from Island Auto Spa is treated on site before it goes to the municipal waste treatment facilities, similar to the waste water from your home, so it is safe and clean when it is returned into the environment.

Our products are safe and efficient

Our car wash products are engineered to work effectively at very low concentrations, reducing the overall amount of product in the waste water from our facility compared to home car washing.